Stump Grinding or Removal in Leicester, NC

If you dislike tree stumps on your land, get in touch with us. We are a leader in professional stump removing services in Leicester. Our service is properly bonded, licensed and insured. Contact us today to tell us about your unique stump situation.

The Most Common Reasons for Stump Grinding or Removal

When we remove stumps in Leicester, we’re clearing our clients’ land for better use. Some customers need a massive stump removed. Others need us to clear several stumps. All of our clients want to develop their land. How will you develop your land? You might install a deck, or you might add a garage. Of course, we also clear large plots for new builds. We’re flexible at QualityTree Service, so count on us for excellent stump clearing results.

How We Perform Stump Removal in Leicester, NC

We bring our pro stump grinder to your property, and we work quickly. With a heavy duty wheel covered in carbide teeth, our grinder contacts the stump 300 times each second. Its furious action pulverizes any stump into wood chips.

Why It’s a Good Idea to Have Your Tree Stumps Removed

You might feel unsure about grinding your stumps. While stumps on your land may seem okay, they are dangerous. Human activity on land that contains stumps eventually leads to injuries. Stumps also attract destructive insects. Those bugs will be interested in your property’s structures, too. Avoid these problems. Call us for a hassle-free quote.