Our Tree Service Specialties in Leicester, NC

If you are a property owner in Leicester, NC, you likely already know how important it is to maintain your property’s landscape. Commercial and residential property owners call us to handle all their tree care needs. We offer an extensive selection of tree services to improve and maintain the safety and appearance of your home or business property.

Our meticulous technicians will trim and shape your trees and shrubs to give your property a neat, upscale appearance. You can trust our attention to detail as we bring to life your dream vision for your landscape. We will also prune your trees to eliminate dead parts of the plant and to encourage healthy growth. Pruning also increases fruit production in fruit trees and flower production in ornamental trees.

Trimming and shaping comprise only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our service menu. We are also able to remove trees to improve the appearance of your property, to increase safety, and to avoid attracting pests. Decayed trees and stumps attract termites and other pests you do not want to invite near your home. We are sometimes able to save questionable trees by treating disease and by reinforcing the tree’s underlying structure. When we are unable to save a tree, we will remove the tree safely and efficiently. We also offer emergency service if you suspect a tree may be at risk of falling unexpectedly or if you require help with storm cleanup.