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Thanks for visiting Quality Tree Service. We are proud to say that we’re an independently owned and operated tree services company based out of Buncombe County, NC. Our staff has done plenty of tree care work in Leicester. We specialize in a variety of services including tree pruning, tree removal, trimming, stump removal, land clearing, storm damage cleanups, hazardous tree inspections, spraying, transplanting and much more.

Tree Pruning & Trimming Services In Leicester, North Carolina

Besides the obvious reason of trimming away wild branches, the act of pruning carries so much more purpose. When our staff prunes, it’s usually to provide your tree with better structural integrity, increased health, and a more natural shape. These three major components all add up at the end of the day to high quality service. Anytime you ever have a tree pruned on your property, these should all be major concerns displayed by your tree care provider.

Health: By trimming away dead, diseased, or broken branches we are helping to increase your tree’s defenses against storm and other types of pests.

Structural Integrity: We cut away specific branches within the canopy in order to increase airflow. This allows for less of an overall windload on the tree therefore reducing it’s chances of falling due to a heavy storm.

Shape: When a tree is left without any type of care, it’s branches will literally grow all over the place. Our job is to trim away those branches and shape your tree into a natural form the way it was meant to look.

Tree Removal Services In Leicester, North Carolina

Unfortunately trees may need to be removed. Remember, this is not something that you should ever attempt to do. It takes an entire team of trained professionals with all the proper safety equipment and gear to remove a tree. A major reason as to why we are a great company to call for tree removal is that we are highly safety oriented.

Before we decide to remove a tree from your property, our staff will inspect exactly how many crew members we need as well as type of equipment. Once this is all put together, we work in a prompt but efficient and safe manner to remove your tree.

Trees may fall or need to be removed for the following reasons:

Dead, Disease Infested, Dying
Severe Storm Damage
Roots Are Disrupting Walkways (Sidewalks, Driveways)
Branches Are Growing Into Neighbor’s Home, Power-Lines, Windows
Tree Is A Nuisance (Constantly dropping needles, pine cones, leaves, sap year round)
Renovation/New Construction

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